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The Bed Rest Bundle


The Bed Rest Bundle:


Once you have ordered, we will get in touch and take your colour and size options.





Benedict & Hott have proudly created four downtime dressing bundles, taken from our casuals range, featuring luxurious and comforting clothing items to ensure our time at home is as relaxing as possible. 15% from the sale of each bundle will be donated directly to the trust to help those in need.

Each bundle is designed to add comfort to your day as well as some style and refreshing change to your downtime wardrobe.

Country Food Trust

Each bundle sold will directly support The Country Food Trust whose aim is to show that the countryside community can make a significant difference to people in food poverty around the UK. Since inception in 2015 have produced over half a million meals that have been donated either directly to people in food poverty, charities who feed people in need or through charities like FareShare who distribute food nationwide to other charities. Trustees of the charity include David Gower, Mark Hix and Phil Vickery.