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Shooting Socks in Grey


Our alpaca shooting socks are a blend of 75% alpaca 25% nylon. Because of its soft texture, alpaca wool is often compared to cashmere. The fibre has the luster of silk, making it even more coveted.Alpaca is just as warm as sheep wool, yet it is a third of the weight. Containing no lanolin, alpaca fibre is naturally hypoallergenic. Additional performance characteristics include stretch & water repellency.We mix it with a very small amount of nylon, which makes it highly resilient against high levels of abrasion and friction.

SKU: WB1-1-1-1-1.

Lovat Mill is Scotland’s premier weaver of Estate and Regimental Tweeds. We are proud to currently supply over 150 private estates and military regiments throughout the UK.

Lovat Mill carries a wide selection of permanently stocked wool tweeds. These are available “by the metre” from the mill, and range from lighter jacketing weights up to the more robust “Sporting Tweeds”, suitable for country pursuits and home furnishings.