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Benedict & Hott is a lifestyle brand offering an updated approach to fieldsports clothing, and country style.

Proudly specialising in manufacturing and designing collections of the highest quality, using cloths sourced from one of the finest mills in the UK, to produce premium products.

As a result, we have created stylish and top-quality fieldsports apparel and accessories for the modern sportsman. Garments, which incorporate both useable technology and materials, fit for country pursuits. Whilst, not forgetting to acknowledge the ethos and heritage of our brand; to create timeless, stylish pieces to be seen in, both on and off the field.



Helmed by a collection of tweed garments, in two 100% new wool individual tweeds, and flanked by everyday usable apparel.


  There’s no better way to shop this year ‘Tis the season to be jolly,

Fieldsports Photographer George Gunn – For The Love Of Game

On day 10 of our “12 Days of Shooting”, and ahead of the upcoming shooting

The Macnab Challenge – A Special Pursuit

With the start of the shooting season just around the corner, important Macnab planning might

“Field Sports are as essentially necessary for the maintenance of our national character as sleep to our existence”

Lady Dunmore



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